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I have been appearing on national television shows since 1999 with dozens and dozens of segments taped for the TODAY Show, CBS Early Show, Dr. Oz, and The View, among others. I also hosted 52 episodes of a public television series called Seasonings and a 13 episode public television series called The Holiday Table, which I co-hosted with Chris Fennimore of WQED Pittsburgh. I have amassed a bunch of videos for you – some baking related, some presented on behalf of Bon Appetit magazine, and some holiday themed.

Eventually I hope the original videos that I will be producing in my new studio will far outnumber the others – so please bear with me, as this is a huge work-in-progress. I plan on taping all sorts of educational videos, from how to make a parchment cone to how to accurately measure dry ingredients by volume to how to make the perfect Buche de Noel. Check back here as I will use this page as a directory.