Vegan Cake Balls – Rich, Chocolatey and Easy-to-Make

Working on the breadth of recipes for Cake Balls was a joy…making sure that many classic cake recipes were represented (German Chocolate Cake Balls, Key Lime Cake Balls, etc.), coming up with new flavor combos (Cassata Cake Balls, Gingerbread Cake Balls, etc.), making sure that many were kid-friendly (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Balls, Confetti, etc.) as well as some that were decidedly adult (Mudslide Cake Balls, Creme Brulée Cake Balls, etc.). And then it dawned on me that I couldn’t ignore my vegan friends and had to figure out a cake ball to satisfy their needs.

I am thrilled with the results as my Vegan Cake Ball is just as luscious as any other in the book, truly taking no shortcuts. It is a fabulous recipe that stands on its own, combining chocolate cake, your choice of jam as a binder and a dip in dark chocolate. An optional dusting of cocoa on top as shown in the picture is a nice embellishment. I am partial to using either apricot jam or orange marmalade, but that choice is up to you.