Sour Cream Drop Doughnuts – aka Doughnut Holes

Doughnut holes can be made from yeast dough or any number of cake-like batters, such as this one made with Sour Cream Doughnuts batter.

Description: Most any doughnut recipe can be made into a doughnut hole, which is simply a 3D spherical doughnut – typically a bit larger than the actual holes you see in ring shaped doughnuts. I like them to be approximately 1 1/2-inches across after frying. This recipe is a guide to making most any basic recipe in the book into this popular, snack-able shape.

Field Notes: Size is the key: you want to make the little ball shaped doughnuts large enough so that you have a nice ratio of soft insides and crispy exterior. Any of the basic fried cake style doughnuts will work, as will any of the basic yeast raised. For cake style you will need an ice cream scoop that measures about 1 9/16-inch across. I use a #40 Zerroll ice scoop, which makes perfectly round doughnut holes in the size I recommend. For yeast-raised doughnuts, you need a round cutter that measures 1 ¼-inches. The amounts of toppings or glazes you ultimately need depends on the recipe you choose and also how many different toppings/glazes you want to use. It is so easy to finish off your doughnut holes in more than one way that I highly recommend you try at least two different ways.


1 batch of Sour Cream Doughnut batter, ready to use

Cinnamon Sugar Topping

Confectioner’s sugar

Superfine sugar


1. Prepare deep pot or deep-fat fryer. Line a rimmed baking sheet pan with triple layer of paper towels; set aside. Heat oil to 355 degrees F. Use a 1 9/16th-inch ice cream scoop to form round portions of dough and drop directly into hot oil. Fry a few at a time; do not crowd. Fry until light golden brown, for about 1 minute, flip over and continue frying about 1 minute more and light golden brown on that side as well. Remove from oil, drain thoroughly on paper towels. Repeat with remaining holes. Cool until just barely warm to the touch.

2. For Toppings: Simply place desired amount of dry topping in a small bowl and toss holes one at a time in topping to coat thoroughly on all sides.

3. Holes are ready to eat. Serve immediately.

Yield: About 20 holes

Lifespan: Truly best eaten as soon as possible; small doughnuts stale very quickly