Rhubarb Ginger Syrup for Mocktails and Cocktails

Look at that color! Frankly I can’t stop staring. I have been going a bit bonkers for rhubarb lately. It’s plentiful here in New England right now and I am lucky enough to be able to pick it straight from the garden. Well, a very nice friend’s garden, to be clear LOL. Her plants are so vigorous she has more than she knows what to do with. I have been making pies and crisps and wanted to branch out. Fancy cocktails are all the rage right now, and not being much of an alcohol drinker, I thought, hey, if I had a flavorful, colorful syrup around I could whip of a mocktail in a flash. The rhubarb flavor is subtle and you can adjust the ginger to be a background flavor or to be more prominent. The more colorful your rhubarb, the more colorful your syrup, so look for vivid stalks. Combine Rhubarb Ginger Syrup with plain or flavored seltzers for a non-alcoholic beverage or use as an ingredient in vodka and gin drinks.