Pumpkin Cobbler – A Quick, Easy Alternative to Pumpkin Pie

OK this recipe needs help. It has a visual image problem. We all know what pumpkin pie looks like. It aint fancy, but we know that its humble looks support a creamy, tasty classic. How about pumpkin cobbler? Well since you’ve probably never seen one before you don’t know what to expect. Look at this below:

Pockets of creamy pumpkin and buttery brown sugar/walnut streusel woven throughout tender cake. You simply scoop it up to serve – so truth be told it doesn’t look like much on the plate either. Right about now you might be thinking, WOW Dede you aren’t exactly selling me on this dessert. But if you could just scratch and sniff, if you could taste the contrasting textures and flavors of this dessert, you would be a convert. The nuts are toasty, the brown sugar lends a butterscotch flavor, the pumpkin evokes pumpkin pie, the cake is tender and the whole is unlike anything you have ever had.

So do not judge by looks alone. I brought this to an annual potluck and several friends came bounding up to me with expectation in their eyes asking “Dede, what did you bring? Did you bring that chocolate cake?” On the table was a very over-the-top cake that someone brought from Whole Foods. Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, white and dark chocolate curls all over the top. In short, the kind of dessert they were used to me bringing. “No, that isn’t my cake. I brought the pumpkin cobbler,” waving over to the dessert above. Expressions sank, eyes fell. Disappointment hung in the air. And people weren’t being subtle about it. I guess it’s my fault; I had trained them to expect Excess. But one bite and then you will see what I love about this dessert.

It is also ridiculously easy to make. If you have a party to go to and don’t have much time, consider this recipe as a lifesaver. I have included a second photo below which shows the cobbler before baking. You can see the pockets of pumpkin a little more clearly. (The white part is the batter, which bakes up golden). I first published this recipe in my book Bake it To The Limit, but since then I have come to like doubling the streusel.

If you like pumpkin desserts, try my Pumpkin Cobbler on a cold fall or winter day.