Non-GMO Sugar

Zulka-Morena-2-lbsMany months ago I was sent a bag of Zulka Pure Cane Sugar to test and review. I am always interested in new baking ingredients and while sugar is not new, there are more and more sugar products apparing on the market. Many of them are going in the direction of being less processed and I have come to appreciate the subtle pure cane flavors that they bring to baked goods.

Zulka Bars

So I started thinking about how I wanted to showcase the sugar and new I didn’t want to do anything with a chocolate base, as that would hide the actual “taste” of the sugar. I think many people don’t think about the “taste” of sugar, but that’s because they are used to white granulated sugar, which really has very little flavor other than a generic sweetness. The idea behind this product is that this granulated, light beige sugar tastes just like what you experience when you bite into fresh sugar cane – only its much more convenient! The beauty of these more raw sugars is that they Do bring a flavor profile to the product. Think about how pronounced a light or dark brown sugar can be. This is somewhere in between…it can be substituted for white sugar in any recipe, bringing a delicate but distinct flavor to your baked good.

I started with a blondie recipe, looked in my pantry and came up with these: Milk Chocolate Almond Blondies with Candied Orange Peel. Delicate, elegant, easy and fast. Look for Zulka Pure Cane Sugar at Wal-Mart, Safeway, Sam’s Club and other large retailers.