Making Cake Balls with Kids

Image of Teddy Bears cake balls from my book. The head and the body are both cake balls inside!

Cake balls are fun. They look cute, they are practically bite-sized, which always seems whimsical for some reason, and kids love ‘em. I think anytime we can enjoy a personal pastry just for ourselves, it feels extra special. And that goes for adults, too.

School vacations are the perfect time to get busy in the kitchen with kids. It’s creative, there is math involved (seamlessly woven throughout) and you end up with something yummy to eat.

There are several components and steps during the cake ball making process, but rather than feeling daunted, think of them as individual steps that can be done over several days, and many of them are ones that kids can help with.

1. Kids can certainly help with the measuring of ingredients – it’s a great way to learn how to bake from scratch.

2. Rolling the balls can take some time, but it isn’t hard – and it is much more fun if you have a helper in the kitchen with this step.

3. Teenagers can help with dipping and it’s all-hands-on-deck when it comes to choosing decorations and sprinkling or piping them on top.

4. Placing the balls in fluted paper cups is a perfect pastime for small fingers. In fact, pretty packaging for the holidays is a must and you can veer way into crafting territory is you like.

Make this a family affair – or grab the neighborhood kids and make cake balls as holiday presents.

It’s not too late to order my book, Cake Balls, for the holidays. If you would like a personalized bookplate, just let me know!