Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Cake Balls – Exclusive Online Recipe

I was always intent on providing some exclusive cake ball content for my site, outside of my book, and here is the first installment. Yes, truth be told I had the Lemon Curd in the frig already, so I was ahead of the game, but what inspired me was not only that pastry kitchen staple, but the last gasp of fresh blueberries from the market. Lemon and blueberry make a great pair, and I realized that I had not brought them together in a cake ball. To enhance their fresh, bright flavors, I went with a dunk in white chocolate. I tinted a tiny bit of the white chocolate with Wilton Cornflower Blue Icing Color to zigzag on top. The enthusiastic designs you see were made by a young friend who helped me bake. Artistic expression and freakin’ awesome tasting desserts are the goal! These started with Yellow Buttermilk Cake combined with Lemon Curd and fresh berries, rolled into balls, then dipped in white chocolate. I like using Valrhona Ivoire for its thin viscosity. The whole recipe is here: Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Cake Balls. Would love to see your pics! I might post them if you send them along!