It’s a Good Keeper

This always sounds like an antiquated phrase to me…”it’s a good keeper”…hailing from a time when cakes of all sorts made regular appearances in homes. The “good keepers” are the ones that stay fresh and moist for days and this one feature makes them attractive. After all, when you have taken the time to make something from scratch, isn’t it nice to enjoy it over a period of time? I suppose moistness is not always the deciding factor – biscotti, after all, keep quite well. But look at this stunning cake below: moist, fragrant with honey and orange and an insanely good keeper. If there had been any left on Day 4, it would have been thoroughly enjoyed. 

The recipe came together from disparate sources of inspiration. My good friends Pam and Jeff Rys had the pan (being the good bee-keepers that they are) and I became obsessed with the idea of a marmalade cake. Not spreading marmalade on a cake or to be used as a filling, but incorporating into a batter. I reached out to some on-line food friends and Voila! Lévana Kirschenbaum came to the rescue. (You can substitute a 10-cup volume tube or Bundt style pan). I think you will thoroughly enjoy this Honey Orange Marmalade Cake.