Elderflower Cider – A Hard Cider That Goes Down Easy


Ahhh, this picture makes me happy. Looks refreshing, doesn’t it? An early March day in New England yet the temperature was warm with the bright sun reflecting off of the snow. Love the way the sun highlights the colors of this hard cider. I had been sent some samples of this new beverage enlivened with the essence of elderflower. Angry Orchard specializes in hard ciders and has a line up that includes Crisp Apple, Traditional Dry, Apple Ginger as well as Elderflower, their newest blend. They all feature an easy-to-drink 5% alcohol making them a very light, refreshing beverage.

I was worried it might be too floral. In fact, I held on to the bottles for a while, eyeing them on my desk warily. I was going to have to be in the mood. I needn’t have worried. I popped open a bottle and poured it into the glass. The head isn’t very long lasting, but I was already getting wafts of the fruity, but delicate, aromas. One sip and I was thinking “why did I wait so long!” Angry Orchard describes it as an amber color ( I think it is more delicate) with tropical notes from the elderflower and hints of lychee, pear and citrus. I get a crisp, slightly dry note from their apple blend balanced with a light floral note. The balance is there…you know you are drinking an apple based beverage but the elderflower adds some exoticism and intrigue. And as an aside, this is a gluten-free product. Nice. For many gluten sensitive folks, the world of beers and similar beverages can be fraught with intolerant ingredients. This is a great addition to your adult beverage selections, whether this is an issue for you or not. As someone who always appreciates something different, I was thrilled to be introduced to this drink. Cheers.