Cake Ball History

Bonus pic of S’Mores cake balls, combo of dark chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers

Ahhh the history of the cake ball. Not an easy one to figure out as there does not seem to be any definitive answer. There does seem to be a history of cake balls in and around Dallas and articles have referenced The Cake Ball Company owned and run by Robin Ankeny. Before going pro, Robin made them for family and friends and also got in with Neiman-Marcus, which spread the word, and the sweetness, far and wide. She has been selling them since 2006, so if you know of any around from earlier than that, I would love to hear about it! Regardless, they are so simple in concept, I can’t believe they weren’t around sooner. Us cake bakers always have crumbs and bits of cake left over from leveling layers before assembling layer cakes…combining the cake crumbs with some sort of binder just makes loads of sense.