Bake It To The Limit

Bake It to the Limit is about desserts that taste great, with specific, easy to follow directions. Most recipes have a “Bake It to the Limit” variation that shows the reader how to elevate the dessert into an elegant showstopper – so you get two desserts for every one. Make the Double-Layer Truffle Brownies in a 13 x 9 pan and cut into squares, or cut with a round cookie cutter, top with a chocolate covered espresso bean and place in a fluted cup for an elegant petit four. Make the fragrant and moist Marzipan Pound Cake with Cognac Apricots in a round pan and dust with confectioner’s sugar, or top it with a life-size and life-like marzipan rose. The Green Tea ice cream is delectable as is, but spectacular when paired with the Jasmine Tea Sorbet for an interesting combo that hits the spot after a spicy meal.

The Espresso White Chocolate Chunk Cookies will satisfy any sweet tooth, but when sandwiched around espresso ice cream and dipped in bittersweet chocolate, you get an adult ice cream sandwich to die for (see pic above. Photo by Dennis Gottlieb). Baked to the limit or not, the desserts all taste great and never sacrifice looks for taste.