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Come to FODMAPeveryday to see our 600+ recipes and counting that are geared towards those living with IBS. Gluten-free and lactose-free and HUNDREDS of baked goods, sweets and desserts.


Look here for links to my favorite websites (my friends and colleagues) as well as sites that I find helpful to me in my baking endeavors. If you know of a site that you would like to recommend to me, please let me know. (Well, it has nothing to do with baking, but I love It makes me smile. Actually, sometimes it is about baking, like whether pie is better than cake).

  • Bon Appetit Magazine – We are the essential kitchen companion. Recipes, techniques, new ingredients and sources, info on housewares and beverages, restaurant reviews and everything you need to enjoy your time in the kitchen. Oh, and I’m a Contributing editor, too.
  • David Lebovitz and I bonded over bagels at an international culinary gathering eons ago and never looked back. We think alike when it comes to baking and his books and award winning blog are a must.
  • Rose Levy Beranbaum is my baking buddy. How lucky am I that I can just call Rose up and chat about our baking exploits? She has a well-tended site where you can ask Rose questions yourself.
  • I’m sure you know Dorie Greenspan. She and I have been friends for years and she continues to educate and entertain with her blog, books and musings.
  • I turn to the NYTimes “T” Magazine is a daily stop for me for what’s hot and up-to-date in food, particularly in the NY area.
  • Bon Appetit and the HomeShoppingNetwork are building a collaboration. We started out in 2010 with sponsoring cooking events and in January 31, 2012 we will be debuting out very own line of Bon Appetit products! Pots, pans, knives, appliances – I can’t wait till you see them. For now, sign up and become a preferred customer so you are ready for our launch!
  • If you like food, eating food, reading about food, thinking about food and learning about food (and of course you do, because you are on my site!) then check out Serious Eats.
  • Orangette” is an old blogger. Well, not old age-wise. I mean she has been around blogging and food writing longer than most and is very popular due to her informative content and great images. Check her out.
  • My daughter, Ravenna, who is in her 20’s, tends to find sites that I might not, which is great because then she can turn me onto them. This is one of her go-to sites The Food Life, which bills itself as “an online destination for the food curious”, which really isn’t a great description, because it is very fashion-y, too. If you like food and fashion, you will love this site.
  • If you like easy to make, real, homestyle food, check out Ree Drummond at ThePioneerWoman. She is easy-breezy and has an extremely accessible style in her writing and with her recipes.
  • Bakerella is the cake pop queen. While we have very different approaches to cake balls, I think you will enjoy her creativity with design. She seems to have an endless supply of ideas!
  • GlutenFreeGirl is my go-to for gluten-less treats, which I am exploring more and more. While not just baking related, she is a great general resource for this culinary lifestyle.
  • TheSmittenKitchen is a very well-known blog written by Deb, a very easy-to-read woman with great food ideas, all beautifully photographed. And she does it all from a tiny NY kitchen. She shows you how you can make great food with little space and equipment.
  • David Leite is a friend and every time I visit his site, I am amazed at the wealth of information and links I want to click. For instance, when I visited his site on Halloween he had a recipe for glow in dark gin and tonic jello. If that doesn’t make you ant to check out his site, I don’t know what will.
  • Harold McGee is one of my favorite sources for all-things related to the question WHY. As in WHY did my custard curdle and WHY did my recipe turn out differently this time and thousands of other WHYs. He not only knows his stuff, but I can actually understand him!
  • If you love looking at gorgeous, light-filled food photos (and who doesn’t), check out Helene Dujardin’s blog, Tartelette. She writes eloquently about her home cooking and lovingly photographs each step.
  • Wiley is home to my good friend and editor extraordinaire, Justin Schwartz, without whom, I might not have published my first book! I love him and I love Wiley. They are the publishers to many of my friends, too.
  • My other publishing love affair is with HarvardCommonPress, home to my Baker’s Field Guide series. Check them out for dozens of food and beverage titles – and some great parenting titles too.
  • Beryl Loveland runs Beryls, one of my favorite spots for all things cake decorating related. She is incredibly knowledgable and is there to help with any questions you might have.
  • When I bake and decorate a cake, there is probably a Wilton product used along the way. Buy their Yearbook for a complete listing of their items as well as creative ideas.
  • Thank goodness for Joanne and Jerry Kryszek. I can go to their site, Chocosphere, or pick up the phone and get pretty much any chocolate I want delivered to my door. They have a great section on their site that is specifically geared towards bakers and professionals. Buy your chocolate in bulk and save!

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